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We are different than usual and we are proud of that. We believe that each individual can make a unique contribution and we encourage our people to look at the world with a different perspective. We are a pioneer in the payment industry and currently distribute the Proppos Fastpay technology in the Netherlands. As far as we are concerned, the 21st century solution when it comes to self-scan checkout systems.

▪ Perfect solution for (company) canteens, quick service restaurants and cafeterias

▪ 10x faster than regular checkout

▪ More sales - Less loss

▪ Integration possible with all catering POS systems

video afspelen

Video afspelen

Successful solutions arise naturally have successful preparation

A smooth transition from your existing situation to FastPay? With our successful implementation, that is the norm. On the first day, the system immediately recognizes 99% of your products.

Curious how we do this? Our implementation consists of two phases and takes an average of 6 weeks. First, we test whether the FastPay technology meets your needs and the systems you already use. At the same time, we place the system on location to take pictures of the dishes and drinks for the so-called Artificial Intelligence (AI) model. By correctly setting up this model, our solution will soon be able to recognize all products without the intervention of barcodes and human interference.

Is the AI ​​model ready to use? Then a new phase begins in which you actually start using FastPay and immediately benefit from all the benefits.

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We believe in long-term relationships with our customers and our partners. Our commitment already lies with these parties. Curious what we can do for you?

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